what is squid game all about

what is squid game all about Popular?

Squid Games is the Korean wave, the latest rip current of the Korean wave, and it spans the whole world. It is currently the most watched program on Netflix this week in 90 countries including Ireland. The dystopian series is named after a Korean children’s game in which an attacking team tries to pass the squid’s head in the middle of an squid-shaped portrait with the aim of winning with their feet. However, if it is eliminated by the defending team, it will be eliminated.

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In the series, an army of red overalls led by “frontman” fan Inho (Lee Byung Hun) prepares the game to see VIPs in the west. The competition is a children’s game series (red / green, tug of war, etc.) competing for $ 34 million in prize money, in which “players” compete against each other but can be fatal.


In this series, Song Ki-hoon (played by Lee Jung-jae) has lost his job, is in debt and is about to lose custody of his daughter to his ex-wife. He is invited to the game and meets his classmate Cho Sang Woo (Park Hye Soo). It’s a compelling display of the mix of compelling and obvious choices that players (and we as citizens) make when participating in real-world “games” such as work, home and politics.

Every time a player is removed from the game, the players compete and sometimes cooperate to win the growing piggy bank. His cooperation with Gi-hoon Sang-woo increases his chances of survival and soon becomes an alliance with Ali (Anupam Tripathi), a South Korean immigrant from Pakistan. Kang Se-bik (Jeong Ho-Young) is a young woman defeated by North Korea (and in my opinion the acting attitude of the entire show); And ah, Ilnam (oh, Yong-soo) is dying of a brain tumor. This incompatible team finds that if they work together in some games they can survive in some games, but each other’s engagement can be penalized in other games.

RTÉ Radio 1 today with Claire Byrne, Dublin’s Korean food company Gunmoo plays Kim Squid

With personal debt rising, more than 100% of household GDP (the highest in Asia), and growing problems for young people around the world, many players “choose” to take part in the game. One of the basic tenets of the Squid Game Rules is that all players in the game in search of prizes are equal. Most of the educated and high-quality jobs in the outside world are of no use in children’s games that gain quick thinking, problem-solving skills, social intelligence, and a little luck.

However, this mirage shows up in the very uneven structure of the game, especially when the VIP audience is watching the competition. There has been a lot of talk on social media that the pretext that predominantly white western men play the role of VIP is bad. This conversation is so intensified from place to place that it was apparently deliberate to emphasize the moral corruption and superficial nature of the richest and most powerful people in the West.

Another issue discussed on Twitter is that the translation from Korean to English is inaccurate and there isn’t enough nuance for English-speaking viewers to understand the full meaning of the series. Irish viewers may have lost the players’ language (honor, life or death) and dialects (North Korea). English-speaking viewers may have lost the nuances of conversation, but it’s still clear that the danger is greater, life is brutal, and in the case of a contest, the winner takes everything.

Dave Fanning on RTÉ2fm explains why Deirdre Molumbi of Entertainment.ie is crazy about dystopian television.

This is part of an increasing global confrontation with Asia’s popular trading culture, which is often conveyed through dominant non-Asian sales channels. As with Korean films, K-pop, and other cultural forms, the series encompasses both the generality of the topics sought and some significant visual and symbolic differences in cultural expression. It is part of a new cross-border cultural connection. This combination of intercultural products and social media discussions will enable a new but diverse cultural interaction between “fans” on the global stage.

Ultimately, the Squid game challenges players (and viewers) to balance the urgent need for prizes, whether they are facing their own moral and human nature or the brutality of the outside world. We’re looking forward to the second series where players can see the counterattack and of courseh the many Halloween costumes that the series will definitely love.

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