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What we call today: Squid play costumes are one of the hottest Halloween costumes of the year. Recently, the over-the-top Korean drama hit Netflix. We, like you, love it.

I’m not going to spoil it, but for those unfamiliar with the show, Netflix describes it as Ionic: great prices await indoors – at deadly high stakes. The stellar Halloween costume sounds absolutely creepy – sign up!

Our list of fancy dress costumes will help you win the full Halloween 2021. Take off your face mask and get ready to take off your jumpsuit. The game begins.

1.”Squid Game” Red Guards jumpsuit, gloves, mask

Squid Game Red Guards jumpsuit gloves mask

$ 24.99
This nude red jumpsuit with gloves and a mask is the type of outfit you want to wear in a certain mood. After all, anyone who’s seen the Squid game knows that the guards help fend off the competition. With this set you have everything you need for Halloween.

2. “Squid Game” is a green, numbered competition track pack

Squid Game Green Numbered Contestant Tracksuit

$ 27.99
Do you think you can obey the rules? Then select a number of green track packs to become a player in the game. It’s a simple costume, but it can make a big impact, especially if you’re attending a Halloween party with a group of other attendees.

Several numbers are available including 067 for North Korean defenders and Pick Pocketer Kang Se-bike (played by Jiang Ho-Young).

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3.Trackpack “Red Squid” Red Guard

Squid Game Red Guard Tracksuit

Price Mail
$ 49.99
Do you have a nice tracksuit for Halloween? Score! The red dress has a triangle that represents the middle level worker. All you need is a mask and gloves to complete the look. It is not so easy. Additionally, you can keep yourself warm by trick or treating and party hopping.

4.Cover for “squid game”

Squid Game Guard Face Cover

$ 20.96
The hierarchy of the octopus game lies in the mother of a guardian. The seniority-based individuals have a square envelope followed by the triangular individuals (traditionally the shepherds and stewards). Finally, the circle represents the mason doing the cleaning. Needless to say, you will see a lot of fields this Halloween.

5.”Squid Game” is a giant pop mask

Squid Game Giant Doll Mask

The Royal family
$ 16.99
Do you really want people to crawl in this costume? Tell her to do a round of red and green lights while wearing this doll mask. Not only is it fun for those who haven’t joined the Squid Game Train, it may seem innocent, but I know it’s not a good character.

6.Giant Pop Dress “Squid Game”


Upper sky
$ 22.99

Bonus: If your kids like squid games, Amazon sells kids clothes that look like a range of clothes.

7.”Squid Game” is a black mask on the front

Squid Game Front Man Black Mask

$ 16.99
Forerunner is probably the simplest outfit of all. With a black mask and a black jacket with a hood, you become a mysterious figure who sees death behind the scenes. He’s the boss of the game and you could be this Halloween.

8.”Squid Game” jacket for hat

Squid Game Front Man Hooded Coat

$ 43.79
You might already have a black jacket in your closet that you can use for a front-end costume, but if not, it’s budget-friendly and available on Amazon. Plus, this is one of those things that you will definitely be using after Halloween.

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squid game halloween costume

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